Monday, March 2, 2015

NIH Funded!

My R01 was funded!!!  Well, kind of.  The R56 bridge award that I talked about in my last post came through.  It was funded for one year at almost the full requested amount.  This is major for my lab because it's coming just as my R00 funding is ending.  We can keep going full steam ahead.  This is also incredibly important for me because my university has salary requirements that have to be covered by grants.  I was immune from this policy during my first three years, but it's just about to kick in, and now I can actually comply.  I even have enough money to hire another person.  The problem is that I'd much rather take on a new student or even a postdoc than a lab tech.  But with only one year of funding, I can't commit to a student or postdoc.  But, I'm also considering using the money I could spend on hiring another person to buy a bunch of pre-designed CRISPR constructs to make a whole library of knockout cell lines for the enzymes we study.  It's just really awesome to now have the option to do some high risk/high reward stuff that I wasn't even considering before.  But anyway, my lab will survive for another year!


  1. I apologize for posting under the wrong post. I love your blog and am writing to request your input.

    I have a k99 and my R00 application is undergoing administrative review. For a variety of reasons, I will now like to change my R00 institution. Before I ask my PO, I want to be prepared for the can of worms this will open up. Do you know if the NIH allows transfer of R00? And, do you think it will require a resubmission of the R00 application?

    I will appreciate your input.

  2. Hello, I found your blog while looking for information about the R56 mechanism. I'm going through the process right now and was pleasantly surprised about the possibility of the bridge award. Can you tell me how long it too the NIH to make a decision after you submitted your R56 materials? Thank you. Great blog!